Our mission is to treat the root cause of pain and illness, by balancing the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of each person and bring you a sense of knowledge and optimism about your health.

Meet our Practitioners

Terri - Doctor of Acupuncture 

Dr. Ac. , CA, Dip Rom Health Care

I found my way to Chinese Medicine while trying to find answers for my own chronic health problems. After a rock climbing accident, where I spent about five years in Physio I was struggling with a cumulative impact on my mental health, digestion and then the pain and dysfunction from the accident. While trying to relearn how to move, I spent a great deal of time trying to understand the dynamic impact of impaired movement from an injury.  What was borne out of that was the insight of looking at the whole  body and it’s movement when treating pain. 

From that experience to the loss of my son to leukemia, I began to understand that there is an important role that emotions, like grief, fear, anger etc....have in our healing. In Chinese Medicine, we learn that anything that doesn’t move properly creates pain, including emotions.

That brought me to what I love most about Chinese Medicine and acupuncture, its wholistic nature . When I sought help for pain and digestive problems, my emotions, my diet and my lifestyle became an important part of treatment, empowering me as a patient. This leads to one of the most important aspects of Chinese Medicine, which is treatment of the individual. I do not treat your disease, I treat you as a person. When you come in to see me, the most important thing I get from each visit is a deeper understanding of you as a person. That helps me understand how to help you, more than knowing the name of your disease. Watching your posture how you walk, how you breathe and how you express yourself provide valuable insight into how to help you heal. 

My education includes:

  • Studied Acupuncture at MacEwan University 
  • Studied Aromatherapy at Aromahead School of Essential Oil Studies/Tisserand Institute
  • Studied Biomechanics, posture, weight training and fitness  at AFLCA
  • Studied Trauma/attachment psychology at the Post Institute, Government of Alberta, University of Lethbridge, BYUI, NICABM/Lift Education
  • Personal Coaching Foundations - CTI, Strength Based Coaching - Strength Strategy/People Acuity
  • Studied Herbalism at Academy of Holistic Healing Arts, Hunyan Academy,  David Winston Center for Herbal Studies, East West School of Planetary Herbology
  • Studied Korean and Classical Acupuncture with H.B. Kim, Toby Daly and Jonathon Snubbs

When I am not studying Chinese Medicine and Herbs or creating some herbal or medicinal concoction, I love gardening, walking, and spending time with my family. 

Terri offers Acupuncture/Chinese Medicine and Herbal Services

Direct Billing to your Benefits available where applicable

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Cyndie​ - Certified Holistic Nutrition Consultant


After having  been involved in the health and wellness industry for over 20 years. I decided to go back to school to further my education in Holistic wellness, completing studies as a Holistic Nutrition Consultant. I am very passionate about mental health and believe strongly that food is medicine and with small changes in your eating patterns you can see unbelievable improvements in your overall state of being. 

Family is my motivation and due to my own experiences over the years, I feel it is of significant importance to educate individuals about their nutrition choices, so they feel confident in making the best choices for their own well being.

Being a strong believer that every body and mind works in their own unique way, I take a simple approach by focusing on each individuals balance within their own unique structures. I work with my clients to incorporate healthy eating habits and to improve lifestyle choices by finding ways to minimize stress, increase positive thinking, and improve your over all self worth. 

Some of the many additional services that I incorporate into my practice include detoxification, Ion cleanse and Aromatherapy.

As a Certified Holistic Nutrition Consultant, my role is to help you achieve your health goals using an individualized approach that works best for you. Through the use of proper nutrition for your specific metabolic needs as well as lifestyle recommendations, we will work together in creating a life plan that works naturally for what your mind and body needs. Together we will discover the methods you need to improve your overall well being and improve your body’s ability to prevent further illness. Join me on this journey to becoming a healthier happier you. You deserve to feel your best.

Cyndie offers Nutrition Consulting Services and Detoxification with Ion Cleanse

Please note: We would recommend that you clarify with your Health Benefits Insurance provider regarding your coverage for Holistic Nutrition services as coverage can vary considerably.

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Killoran Wiebe - Registered Massage Therapist


My name is Killoran Wiebe, after working 4 years in the dental field and getting to know so many wonderful patients, I wanted to find a career where I could contribute to the well being and health of others. That’s when I discovered my passion for massage therapy.

Through the curriculum offered at MH Vicars, which meets the highest Canadian massage therapy education standards, I am able to appreciate treating a diverse range of conditions.

I am grateful to get to know each of my clients and work along with them to achieve their wellness goals.

Through my career, I hope to increase the recognition of massage therapy in other healthcare fields and educate others on the many benefits body work has to offer.

If I’m not nose deep in a textbook or practicing my techniques, you’ll find me either snowboarding, enjoying a ride through town on my motorcycle, or curled up on the couch with a lovely ball of yarn and a crochet hook..

Killoran offers Massage Therapy Services

Direct Billing to your Benefits available where applicable

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Andrew - Life Coach ( Not Currently Available)

B.A. in Adventure Based Counselling, ACMG Certified Rock Guide

I offer life coaching services with an ADHD perspective. I will work with you as a passenger in your journey and help assist and guide you in a coaching environment to overcome obstacles that you are wanting to bring to the table. I have a solution and strength-based approach and strive to work with my clients to turn challenges into victories.

I also offer experiential and transformational adventures. What is transformational adventure? It is a one-on-one coaching session spent in the mountains. We will try rock climbing or head up a via ferrata and learn to invite change personally, physically, and mentally. This experience is about facing the unknown and inviting growth into your life all while doing so in our beautiful Canadian Rockies. Contact for more info.

I am a rock-climbing guide with the ACMG (Association of Canadian Mountain Guides) and a Life Coach who loves to work with a vast array of individuals.

I am a human being first and foremost. I have learned to look at this world in a wonderful and unique way through the strengths of my ADHD. I have a Bachelors degree in Adventure Based Counselling, and I love to work with all types of individuals as they navigate through this world using their unique strengths. Feel free to reach out and we can chat about what kind of services I can offer you.

I have a strong belief in transformational adventure whether that be on the side of the mountain, or on the metaphorical mountain that has arisen in your life. My belief is in the individual and their own inner voice. My goal as a coach and a guide is to simply listen and ask questions so that clients have the ability to hear that inner voice again and find the summit view of the challenge that they once perceived as insurmountable. Lets see what we can do together.

Andrew offers Life Coaching Services

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Treating the root cause of pain and illness by  balancing the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of each person. 


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